Top Five Free Iowa attractions

Check out our top 5 list of places to go in IOWA on a budget! Is there a better place to visit on a budget?

1. High Trestle Trail and Bridge  Madrid, IA

Once a union pacific railroad crossing that has now been converted to a pedestrian bridge. This is a must see if you travel to Iowa.  Go at night and watch as the bridge lights up with blue LED lights.  The steel cribbing reminds you of going down a mineshaft as you cross the bridge.  If you want a beer or a moscow mule stop by the Whistling donkey right on the trail in Woodward.

2. Grotto of Redemption West Bend, IA

Covered in rare gems and stones this Iowa spot is a must see.  The grotto is estimated to be worth over 4 million dollars.  Father Paul Dobberstein started it in 1912 and it is still being worked on today.  This is a great spot to take the family and relax and enjoy the details.  Don’t forget to head downtown to the old soda shop too!


3. Ledges State Park, Boone IA

You can’t visit Iowa without seeing this state park located on the Des Moines River.  With sandstone cliffs and miles and miles of trails you wont be able to see everything in one day. Take your dog, take your kids and walk through the stream that cuts through the park.  Over a million people visit The Ledges every year, and if you watch this video you will see why!

4. Bridges of Madison County, Winterset, Iowa

Covered bridges that were built in the 1800’s are scattered throughout Winterset, IA and Madison County.  From the famous movie, book, and now musical this has always been a great place to visit.


  5.  Kate Shelley High Bridge, Boone, IA


When this bridge was completed in 1901 it was one of the highest and longest double rail tracks in the world.  Head to Boone 3 miles away for a ride in a real steam engine, while you look out over the amazing Iowa countryside.